Office Administration

Office Administration of Zanzibar House of Representatives

The steering and House Business Committee; which serves as the Administrative and Management Committees of the House, is constituted by the following members:

1. The Speaker – Chairperson;

2. The Deputy Speaker - Vice Chairperson;

3. Leader of Government Business in the House – Member of the commission;

4. Political Party Chief- Weeps in the House - Members

5. Chairperson of the House

6. Chairpersons of the House Standing Committees;

7. Legal Adviser to the House;

8. Minister responsible for Constitution and Law Affairs

9. Minister responsible for House affairs;

10. Minister responsible for Finance affairs - Member

11. Clerk of the House who shall be the Secretary of this Committee.


1. To consider and advise the speaker on all matters regarding benefits and privileges of the Members

2. Subject to the House Resolution, the committee shall examine matters pertaining to house and committees' developments

3. To consider the plans and services to be served to the Members, and staff benefits during the House sessions or Committee.

4. To determine all matters concerning salary, allowances and other privileges to the Members.

5. To prepare House business programmes.

6. To advise the House on administering its business.

The House Representatives Service Commission established under Section 33(1) (c) of the Public Service Act No.2, 2011 and composes of Chairman who is appointed by Speaker and not more than six other members appointed by Speaker.

The functions of the House Service Commission mension under Section 36(1 - 7) are:

1. To approve qualifications, number of persons to be employed in a respective institution falling under its jurisdiction, selection process and relevant affirmative action in the recruitment in accordance with general guidelines issued by the commission and in executing this function it shall have power to notify any recruitment process or employment which is made in contravention of the approved guidelines or procedures.

2. To recommend to the Commission the approval of scheme of service for institutions under its jurisdiction and where no scheme of service exists it shall direct relevant authority to develop such scheme.

3. To approve promotion of employees in accordance with the scheme of service and to recommend promotion of such employees for promotion or appointment to senior position where such promotion or appointment is not within the mandate of the Principal Secretary or the Service commission.

4. To ensure that public service basic principle, values and codes of conduct are observed and in executing this function the Commission shall have power to direct any Principal Secretary, head of Institution under its jurisdiction to observe such principles, values and code of conduct which the Commission is of the opinion that it is not observed by such authority.

5. To deal with any matter within its jurisdiction referred to it by the Minister, the Chief Secretary or the Head of institution for determination of determination or direction.

6. To approve extended service up to two (2) years and to recommend to the Chief Secretary any recommended service exceeding two years.

7. undertake and exercise to such function and powers such other functions as provided in the respective legislation providing for their operation.


    Mr. Sultan Mohamed Mugheir - Chairperson

  • Mobile: +255 777 414326
  • Email:

    Mrs. Asha Ali Abdalla - Member

  • Mobile: 0777 423165
  • Email:

    Mrs. Fatma Mohamed Said - Member

  • Mobile: 0777 417886
  • Email:

    Mr. Khamis Juma Chande - Member

  • Mobile: 0772 229196
  • Email:

    Mr. Maulid Salum Abdalla - Member

  • Mobile: 0777 424944
  • Email:

    Mr. Mohamed Khamis Omar - Member

  • Mobile:
  • Email:

    Mrs. Mtumwa Iddi Hamad - Secretary

  • Mobile: +255 773 327070
  • Email:

Standing 147 of Zanzibar House of Representatives Standing Orders states that shall be the Budget Commission which is constituted by the following Members:

1. The Speaker– Chairperson;

2. The Deputy Speaker - Vice Chairperson;

3. Leader of Government Business in the House – Member of the commission;

4. Political Party Chief- Weeps in the House - Members

5. Minister responsible for House Business;

6. Minister responsible for Finance affairs;

7. Five Members of the House who are neither Ministers, Deputy Ministers nor Attorney General being selected by Members among the House members in considering proportional number of political parties in the House and at least two of those members shall be women – Members

8. Clerk of the House who shall be the Secretary of this Committee.


Standing 150 of Zanzibar House of Representatives' Standing Orders, the Functions of the House Budget Commission are:

1.To consider and approve House budget after the budget estimated prepared by the secretary.

2. Provide an opportunity for members of the house to get the details of the budget of the house in consultation with the chairman of the commission.

3. Receive audit reports of income and expenditure of the office of the House of Representatives presented by Speaker after being examined by the controller and Audit General

Hon. Zubeir Ali Maulid (Speaker)

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