Member of the House CV

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Last Name Castico
Middle Name: Cyrus
First Name: Maudline
Date of Birth: 7th July 1954
Member Type: Nominated by the President
Constituency: -
Political Party: CCM
Office Location -
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Mobile Number: +255 652568348
Office Email: -
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Year Started:


Terms: First

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Kamsamba Primary School Primary Education 1963 1970 Primary
Kisutu Secondary School Secondary Education 1971 1974 Secondary
Chang’ombe Teachers Training -DSM Certificate in Education 1975 1976 Certificate
Nkuruma College-Zanzibar Diploma in Education 1981 1983 Diploma
Setting Media Resource Centre of   inter Labor Organization, Turin, Italy Diploma 1991 1991 Diploma
Dar-es-Salam Post Graduate in International Relation 2001 2001 Post Graduate

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
Ministry of Education Teacher 1976 1986
Tanzania Trade Union Deputy Director for Women  and youth Affairs 1986 1992
ILO Regional Coordinator for Women Activities in big Plantation in Tanzania (Zanzibar) 1988 1992
IDAB/IWDA and Government of Australia Project manager for Women Credit and Training Project  (Tanga) 1993 1995
Sugar Plantation-Moshi Area Coordinator for Women - 1996
  Freelance Consultant 2001 2004
Ministry of Empowerment, Adults, Youth, Women and
Children, Zanzibar
Minister 2016 To date

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
- Representative of Women in Women of Tanzania From the Trade 1984 1989
- Member of the General Council of UWT 1984 1989
CCM Representatives of UWT to the national Executive Committee 1991 1992
CCM UWT Representative to NEC of CCM - 1993
CCM Public Secretary (national Level –Zanzibar 1997 2000
CCM NEC member and (CC) Member of the Central Committee of CCM 1997 2002
Appointed by President Women and Youth Ministry Advisor 1999 2000
CCM Member of UWT Central  Council 1999 2003
Appointed by President Director of Planning Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports. 2006 2008
CCM Regional Secretary -Kilimanjaro 2008 2009
CCM Regional Secretary -Kigoma 2009 2011
CCM Member of National Executive Committee 2012 To date
CCM Officer in CCM Head Quarter’s Organization Department 2011 2015
House of Representative, Zanzibar Member 2016 To date

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Project Planning and small scale  Enterprise  Development Arusha, Tanzania 1989 - Certificate
Training for Trainers for Women’s Programmers - 1996 - Certificate
AIDs Prevention Dar es salaam - - Certificate
Women in Union Leadership, Israel - - Certificate
Political Participation USA/UK/ Germany - - Certificate
Health and safety at Work Belgium - - Certificate