Member of the House CV

Salutation: Honourable Member picture
Last Name: Juma
Middle Name: Hasssan
First Name: Hamza
Date of Birth: 5th February  1965
Member Type: Elected
Constituency: Kwamtipura
Political Party: CCM
Office Location -
Telephone Number:


Mobile Number: +2550656883732 (or) +255773999788
Office Email: -
Personal Email:
Year Started: 2000
Terms: Fouth

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Haile Selassie Primary School Primary Education 1973 1976 Primary
Vikokotoni Primary  School Primary Education 1977 1977 Primary
Darajani Primary School Primary Education 1978 1978 Primary
Kilimahewa Primary School Primary Education 1979 1979 Primary
Jang’ombe Primary School Primary Education 1980 1980 Primary
Jang’ombe Secondary School Secondary Education 1981 1981 Secondary
Haile Selasie Sec School Secondary Education 1981 1982 Secondary
Tumekuja Secondary School Secondary Education 1983 1983 Secondary
Economic College of Zanzibar Human Resource Management 1997 1997 Certificate

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
ZPC(Zanzibar Port Cooperation Board Renewed) Board Member 2002 2008
ZPC(Zanzibar Port Cooperation Board Renewed) Board Member 2006 2008
SMZ Minister of State’ Chief Ministers   Office  Zanzibar. 2008 2010

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
CCM Youth League (CCM) 1982 To date
CCM Youth League Secretary of mobilization Kwamtipura 1997 2002
CCM A Youth League member of implementation on committee of the youth wing of the city District 1997 2002
CCM A member of the National  Central Committee (NEC) 2010 To date
CCM A member of the national assembly 2010 To date
CCM A member of the political committee of the Urban District 2010 To date
CCM Member of the House of Representatives 2010 To date

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Office Management Course Civil Service Training Institute 1997 1997 Certificate
Computer Course Karume Technical College 2004 2004 Certificate
Understanding CAGs Report, Financial Statements Analysis and Interrogative Skills Bagamoyo 2008 2008 Certificate
Disaster  Risk Reduction Geneva 2009 2009 Certificate
International Parliamentary
Governance Seminar (on Democracy, Accountability and Transparency)
London,Brussels/Cardif 2010 2010 Certificate
International Seminar on Interlectual Properties forThird World Countries. Quindau City, China 2012 2012 Certificate