Member of the House CV

Salutation Honourable Member picture
Last Name Iddi
Middle Name: Ali
First Name: Seif
Date of Birth: 23rd February 1942
Member Type: Elected
Constituency: Kitope
Political Party: CCM
Office Location Vuga, Zanzibar
Telephone Number:


Mobile Number:


Office Email: -
Personal Email: -
Year Started: 2005
Terms: Third

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Kinyasini Primary School Primary Education 1949 1956 Primary
Beit el Ras Secondary Education 1957 1958 Secondary
Beit el Ras Secondary Education 1959 1962 Secondary
Nkurumah College Diploma in Education Jan 1963 Dec 1964 Diploma
Australia National University International  Relation and Diplomacy 1973 1976 Advance Diploma

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
SMZ Teacher 1965 1968
SMZ Foreign Service Officer (Cairo) 1968 1971
  Foreign Service Officer 1971 1973
  Studies 1973 1976
  Secretary/Counselor and Head of Chancery,
Tanzania Embassy, People’s Republic of China
1976 1980
  Minister Counselor and Head of Section,
Asia Sub-Continent, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Dar es-Salaam
1981 1984
  Deputy High Commissioner  and Head of Chancery, Tanzania High Commission, Republic of Kenya. 1984 1989
  Delegated to the World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of United Nation Decade
for Women, Nairobi.
1985 -
  Tanzania Ambassador to the Netherlands 1989 1993
  Tanzania Ambassador to the People’s Republic
of China
1993 1999
  Director, Department of Foreign Affairs, Zanzibar. 1999 2000
  Deputy Secretary General of CCM, Zanzibar. 2000 2002
  Member of Parliament of Kitope Constituency and Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. 2005 2010
  Member of Parliament of Kitope Constituency,
Member of the House of Representatives
and Second Vice President of Zanzibar.
2010 To date