Member of the House CV

Salutation Honorable Ambassador Member picture
Last Name Abdiwawa
Middle Name: Ramia
First Name: Mohamed
Date of Birth: 04/3/1947
Member Type: President Appointee
Constituency: -
Political Party: CCM
Office Location Chukwani
Telephone Number:


Mobile Number:

0714752124 / 077780310

Office Email: -
Personal Email:

Year Started: 2019
Terms: Third

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Open University of Tanzania Bachelor of Law (LLB) 2004 2007 Bachelor
Delhi University - India M.A. Political Science 1986 1988 Master
University of Dar es Salaam Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com-Finance) 1978 1981 Bachelor
College of Business education Diploma in Business Administration 1976 1977 Diploma
Helsinki, Finland-School of Economics Diploma in Export Promotion 1974 - Diploma
(Lumumba College) A-Level Certificate 1972 - Secondary
Lumumba Secondary School O-Level Certificate 1965 1968 Secondary
Kiembe Samaki  School Std VI 1963 1964 Primary
Bwefum School Std VI 1957 1962 Primary

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
Ministry of State Presidents Office and Chair Person of the Revolutionary Government Zanzibar Advisor to the President of Zanzibar (International Cooperation, Investment  Finance and Economic Affairs) 2011 2019
Export Trading Company Group Liason Officer 2008 2011
Commission for Human Right  and Good Governance Vice Chairman and Commissioner 2002 2008
Ministry of State President office  Zanzibar Ministry of State President office  Zanzibar 1995 2000
Ministry of External Affairs of United Republic Tanzania Ambassador of United Republic of Tanzania –Stockholm, Sweden also accredited to Denmark, Norway Finland and Iceland  1989 1994
Ministry of External Affairs of United Republic Tanzania High Comissioner (Ambassador) of United Republic of Tanzania, New Delhi-India, also accredited to Nepal, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. 1984 1989

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
CCM Member of CCM Executive Committee (NEC) 1997 2000
CCM Member of Zanzibar House of Representatives 1995 2000
CCM Member of CCM Executive Committee (NEC) 1982 1987
CCM – University of Dar es Salaam Chairperson ,Zanzibar Students Group 1980 1981
CCM Member 1977 To date
Afro Shirazi Party (ASPYL) Member   1969
Afro Shirazi Party- Youth League Lumumba Secondary School Secretary   1968
Afro Shirazi Party Youth League (ASPYL) Membey 1967  

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Good governance       Certificate
Human Rights       Certificate
Entrepreneur       Certificate
International Relation       Certificate
Computer Skills       Certificate