Constitutional Education Project


Soon after Constitutional Review Bill enacted at the first time and after its amendments in February, the United Republic of Tanzania has started the establishment of new Constitution process that will replace the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977.

The provisions of the Constitutional Review Act 2011, the constitutional commission was established, the same has been empowered to collect public views on how the process should be carried out and the kind of Constitution the citizens want. After the appointment of members of the Commission, the task of collecting public views started across the country. Though the Commission started performing its duties, none of the government of the two we have in Tanzania took measures to provide its stand on matter of the constitution review to the citizen. In process of the Constitutional Commission Review to perform its duties, the House found it very imperative to conduct a special program for the aim of enabling Zanzibaris to use their fundamental rights by giving their views without any type of influence from other source as provided under the Constitutional Review Act, 2012.


Overall objective: The project aima at strengthening capacity of citizens to participate fully in the Constitutional review process.
Other objectives:

  1. 1. To build a stronger foundation of public understanding of the Constitution of Zanzibar and the constitutional of Tanzania amongst House Members and citizen at large.;
  2. 2. To create awareness of the roles and responsibilities of both citizens and government in relation to the two Constitutions;
  3. 3. To increase trust and support of the constitutional review process;
  4. 4. To gather more comprehensive understanding of citizens' perception of and engagement with the constitutional review process through in built research component.


The project was implemented by the Secretariat of the house of Representatives Zanzibar, with the service of Paralegals through Zanzibar Legal Service Centre.


The project focused on collecting views from individuals that regard to the constitutional review process in the Country. Programme started 1st July 2012 and had come to an end on 18th February 2013.


The Constitutional Education Project is fully funded by Norwegian Embassy in Dar es salaam Tanzania.