Mandate and Functions


Section 63 of the Zanzibar Constitution of 1984 as had been timely amended, establishes The Zanzibar House of Representatives as the legislative organ in Zanzibar, as par material with Article 106 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977. Like most legislatures, the House of Representatives of Zanzibar has got core functions of legislating, oversight and representation. In making its functions workable, the section 88 of the Zanzibar Constitution does further state that, the House shall:

  1. 1. Pass the laws when the execution of the same needs the existence of that law;
  2. 2. To debate the activities of each Ministry during Budget session within the House of Representatives;
  3. 3. Through its members, ask the Government various questions during the House sessions, as per Speaker may determine; and
  4. 4. To scrutinize government policy and administration, including proposal for expenditure and to debate major issues of the day.

Apart from the above mentioned powers as the Constitution concerns, the House of Representatives also derives its powers from different laws, including the House of Representatives, Immunities, Powers and Privileges, Act No. 4 of 2007 and the Standing Orders of House of Representatives as amended day after day.


The House of Representatives of Zanzibar shall perform the following functions, as mentioned in section 88 of the Zanzibar Constitution:

  • a. Shall enact legislation where implementation of that matter requires legislation;
  • b. Shall debate the performance of each Ministry during the annual budget session in the House of Representatives;
  • c. Shall put different questions to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in the House of Representatives;
  • d. Shall approve and oversee development plans of the Government in similar manner that Government budget approved.