Member of the House CV

Salutation: Honourable Member picture
Last Name: Kissasi
Middle Name: Edington
First Name: Thuwaybah
Date of Birth: 1960
Member Type: Elected
Constituency: Fuoni
Political Party: CCM
Office Location -
Telephone Number:


Mobile Number: -
Office Email:


Personal Email:


Year Started: -


School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Primary School Primary Education - - Primary
Tumekuja Secondary School Secondary Education 1973 1978 Secondary
Diploma Treatment of livestock 1979 1981 Diploma

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
SMZ Assistance chief veterinary treatment 1981 1984
SMZ Veterinary assistance development officer 1984 1986
SMZ Veterinary assistance program officer 1987 1990
SMZ Officer training for staff 1991 1992
SMZ Officer training for staff 1993 2000
SMZ Director of vocational colleges 2000 2003

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
CCM Appointed member special seats in parliament - -
CCM Member of the House of representative - -

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Certificate of II RAD trypanosumiasis control  Kenya 1984 - Certificate
Project implementation, monitoring
and evaluation 
IDM, Morogoro, Tanzania 1987 - Certificate
Training of training officers IDM Dubuni, Republic of Ireland April 1992 December 1992 Certificate
Improving cattle traction, meat and
milk production.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia November 1995 December 1995 Certificate
Computer course office system, soft –tech Dar es salaam, Tanzania October 1996 November 1996 Certificate
Human resource management Arusha, Tanzania November 1997 December 1997 Certificate
Training of trainers CCM course Dar es salaam, Tanzania 2003 - Certificate
Women MP’s in planning and budgeting processes of the central and local Government Zanzibar beach Resort 2003 - Certificate
Special training for members of
regional executive committee of CCM 
Unguja, Zanzibar 2003 - Certificate
Training gender mainstreaming and to raise awareness on key parliamentary issues, enhancing confidence in parliamentary procedures. Zanzibar beach resort 2003 - Certificate
Basic computer training programme for women member of the house of representative. Mzumbe University 2003 - Certificate
Bureau of parliamentary studies and training LOk Sabha, India 2003 - Certificate
Advance computer training programme for women members of the house of representatives Mzumbe University 2003 - Certificate
Training for women members of the Zanzibar house of representatives in lobbying, fundraising, campaign management, public speaking and
media relations
Zanzibar beach Resort 2005 - Certificate
Completion workshop on monitoring, evaluation and fundraising techniques the millennium sea breeze Bagamoyo, Tanzania 2005 - Certificate

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