Member of the House CV

Salutation: Honourable Member picture
Last Name: Hamad
Middle Name: Masoud
First Name: Hamad
Date of Birth: 15th  November 1957
Member Type: Elected
Constituency: Ole
Political Party: CUF
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Year Started: 1995
Terms: Fourth

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Kangagani Primary School Primary Education 1964 1969 Primary
Ole Secondary School Secondary Education 1970 1972 Secondary
Karume Technical College Secondary Education 1973 1976 A Level
University of Dar-es-Salaam Engineering 1977/78 1980/81 B.Sc (ENG’G)
University of Technology UK Engineering 1983 1984 M.Sc (ENGG)

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
SMZ Teacher and Head of Civil Engineering Department 1981 1983
SMZ Chief Engineer of the water Department 1985 1985
SMZ Director of the water Department 1986 1990
Member of the House of Representatives Member of BLW Constituency of Ole 1995 2000
Member of the House of Representatives Member of BLW Constituency of Ole and vice Chairman for Construction and Communication Committee of Zanzibar House of Representatives. 2005 2010
SMZ Shadow Minister for Water, Energy, Construction and Land . 2005 2010
Member of the House of Representatives Member of BLW Constituency of Ole 2010 To date
SMZ Minister of Infrastructures and Communication 2010 2012
  House Committee member for Finance, Trade& Agriculture. 2012 To date

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
CUF Deputy Director Human Rights 1992 1995
CUF Director of Human Rights 1996 1999
CUF Director of Organization 1999 2001
CUF Director of Human Rights 2001 2002
CUF Director of Organization 2002 2010
CUF Member of the Party National Governing Council 1992 To date
CUF Deputy Secretary General 2012 To date

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Sanitation in Urban Area France 1985 1985 Certificate
Load Administration –ADB/ADF Loans Arusha 1988 1988 Certificate
Water Resources Development GMT Sweden 1987 1987 Certificate
Upgrading and Management of UWS UK 1990 1990 Certificate
Human Resources Planning South Africa 2002 2002 Certificate
Strategic Planning in Gen Election South Africa 2008 2008 Certificate

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