Member of the House CV

Salutation: Honourable Member picture
Last Name: Makame
Middle Name: Bakari
First Name: Asha
Date of Birth: 25th December  1949
Member Type:  Special seats
Constituency: -
Political Party: CCM
Office Location -
Telephone Number:


Mobile Number:


Office Email: -
Personal Email: -
Year Started: 1985 to date
Terms: Fifth

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Utaani  Primary School Primary Education 1957 1964 Primary
Fidel Castro Secondary Education 1965 1968 Secondary
Chuo cha Uhazili Secretarial Course Jan  1970 June 1970 Certificate
Chuo cha Uhazili Advance Course on Secretary Duties 1978 1979 Certificate
Bulgaria Diploma in Political Science and Management 1984 1985 Diploma

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
Government Teacher 1969 1970
Government(Ministry of Education) Secretary 1970 1974
Government (Ministry of Information) Secretary 1974 1980
Government( BLW) Secretary 1980 1983
Government Assistant District Party Secretary 1983 1985
  Member of the House of Representatives
from special seats of women Party CCM
1985 1990
SMZ Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Transport and Comminication 1988 1990
SMZ Deputy Minister for the Ministry of information,Culture,Tourism,Youth and Women Affairs. 1990 1995
SMZ Minister for the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. 1995 2000
  Member of the House of Representatives
from Women Party Organisation (CCM)
2002 To date

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
CCM Founder Member of Young Pioneers 1964 -
CCM Member of A.S.P 1964 -
  Afro-Shirazi Youth League Member 1968 -
  Member of A.S.P Women Organization. 1972 -
  CCM Member 1977 -
  Member of the CCM Women Party Organisation 1978 -
CCM Member of JUWATA and action committee 1978 -
  WAZAZI Member 1980 -
CCM Cleark Assistant (District –Wete) 1983 1985
  Cleark Assistant North ‘A’ 1985 -
  Member of National Organisation Committee for Women CCM and Mmber of Central Committee for Women Party Organisation CCM 1988 2003
  Member of NEC 1992 2010
  Assistance Chair Person UWT 2007 2010

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Militia Course on National Defence Chake Chake PBA 1976 1976 (6 month) -
Various course and seminars, International and National on different years and agendas on women, children, youth and Ministrial levels. - 1980 To date -

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