Concept Mandate

The House Committees have got the Constitutional mandate since are established under section 85 of the Zanzibar Constitution of 1984 and section 106 of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives of 2012. The Committees also have been given the powers to exercise their functions under Act No. 4 of 2007 of House of Representatives Immunities, Powers and Privileges Act, including the rights to get information and other evidence, power to order, attendance and examine witnesses and other powers that always simplifies their duties.

In exercising the functions of the House of Representatives of Zanzibar as per section 88 of the Zanzibar Constitution, the Committees have the main duties among others, to scrutinise the Government Budget. The power of that doing is granted under section 88(b) and (d) together under section 95 and 96 of the Stranding Orders of the House.