Committees’ History

The history of the Committees of the House have the same status with the establishment of Zanzibar House of Representatives on 14th January 1980 when the Zanzibar Constitution of 1979 was established and with the same time had vested the power to the House to establish six Standing Committees of the House under section 37 of the Constitution.

The same section had vested an absolute power to the House to establish any other Committee as it found fit, together with their functions and jurisdiction. As a matter of history, the Committees of 1980’s were directly mentioned in the Constitution of Zanzibar, and their functions were summarized within the Standing Orders of the 1980.

There are those Committees that had survived with the common status and functions from 1980’s to date and there those which had lapsed their nature, that today are no longer memorized but again, there are some that have the same status from that time to date, but different in names.

The other Standing Committees including Steering Committee which now regarded and recognised with the same status of other Standing Committees, in 1980 was not directly recognised neither categorised as the Standing Committee. The others common adhoc and seasonal Committees that had remained in the same status since 1980’s is a Select Committee, which was made up of a small number of House members not less than three but the total number was made under the Speaker decision. This Committee was and still is appointed to deal with particular areas or issues originated by the motion of any Member of the House, at any time within the House session or a day(s) before.

The history of Standing Committees of the House of Representatives from 1980 to date:-